Executive Search

One of the biggest challenges of the economy is to find the best employees for its complex tasks. For
our clients it is extremely important to find the best talents in a timely manner combined with a qualitative and costly oriented method.

This is given at RÜCKERT CONSULTING, because we represent our clients convincingly and powerfully
and know the markets inside out.

We are further in a position to recognise what our clients need and we have the quality and process
to deliver it, guaranteed by permanent market research and investigation as well as unbeaurocratical procedures with a flexible and specific solution of each individual task.

The systematical Direct Search Method of RÜCKERT CONSULTING:

Client Information » Research » Sourcing / Telephone Interviews » Personal Interviews / Referencing » Presentations » Your Candidate

Referring to the model, we assume that in an average search your candidate will be found after approximately six weeks - taking individual schedules of clients and candidates into account -
the process can also be quicker or slower.

We guarantee a permanent communication with clients and candidates during the whole search
process. Absolute discretion for both parties is an important principle. All matters referring to
clients are treated in an objective and reliable manner.

The flexible arranged fees will be fixed in every single mandate. This allows our clients to calculate
their recruitment costs.

RÜCKERT CONSULTING invests time to build deep, long-standing relationships with our clients and candidates.

Trusted advisors are delivering the finest execution. Reliablility and discretion have the highest
status and therefore, we are entrusted with sensitive information.

Market Research

We do not only cover market research in combination with direct search mandates, but also as
separate service such as:
» Research of income structures
» Working out proposals for negotiations of contracts
» Sector market research


RÜCKERT CONSULTING understands how to outsource employees in a discrete and professional manner.

Several years of experience within assessment as well as judgement of skills and potential, combined
with the knowledge of which company in the market searchs for an equivalent talent enables RÜCKERT CONSULTING to advice.

This is given by excellent social contacts who grew within the last years and by the permant market research and communication with decision-makers.

The systematic Outplacement of RÜCKERT CONSULTING:

Client Information » Conversation with employee (*) » Active Help in Searching a new
challenge for your Employee

(*): Assessment of the skills and inclinations of the employee as well as consideration of the career.

Career Coaching

Basis of CAREER COACHING with RÜCKERT CONSULTING is a personal conversation, in which we do not only discuss expert qualification, but also take personal future plans into consideration. We also reflect
on individual motivation for a new challenge.

You will be wellcome at RÜCKERT CONSULTING and get professional advice for your application strategy.